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In The journal of physical chemistry letters ; h5-index 129.0

A memristor with Au/polyimide (PI)/Au structure is prepared by magnetron sputtering to investigate the multiphotoconductance resistive switching (RS) memory behavior. The PI-based memristor presents stable bipolar RS memory and is sensitive to visible light. Four discrete conductance states in both high-resistance state (HRS) and low-resistance state (LRS) are obtained when illuminating by 365, 550, 590, and 780 nm light. Electron trapping and detrapping from the defects distributed at interfaces and the PI switching layer are responsible for the observed RS memory behavior. The enhanced trapping and detrapping process by light illumination is responsible for the multiconductance states. This work provides the possibility for further development of neuromorphic vision sensors using an organic semiconductor-based memristor.

Wang Wenhua, Zhou Guangdong, Wang Yuchen, Yan Bingtao, Sun Bai, Duan Shukai, Song Qunliang