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In Journal of environmental and public health

The localization of a protein's submitochondrial structure is important for therapeutic design of associated disorders caused by mitochondrial abnormalities because many human diseases are directly tied to mitochondria. When Lon protease expression changes, glycolysis replaces respiratory metabolism in the cell, which is a common occurrence in cancer cells. The fact that protein formation is a dynamic research object makes it impossible to reproduce the unique living environment of proteins in an experimental setting, which surely makes it more challenging to determine protein function through experiments. This research suggests a model of Lon protease-based mitochondrial protection under myocardial ischemia based on ML (machine learning). To ensure the balance of all submitochondrial proteins, the data set is processed using a random oversampling method, each overlapping fixed-length subsequence that is created from the protein sequence functions as a channel in the convolution layer. The results demonstrate that applying the oversampling strategy increases the ROC value by 17.6%-21.3%. Our prediction method is successful as evidenced by the fact that ML prediction outperforms the predictions of other conventional classifiers.

Wang Jinliang, Zhang Yang, Shi Haijiao, Yang Ying, Wang Shuai, Wang Fengrong