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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

The brain functional connectivity classification based on deep learning is a research hotspot nowadays. However, the classification performance is far behind the demand of clinical applications. To alleviate the problem, this paper proposes a multiview deep learning method for brain functional connectivity classification. Firstly, the proposed method adopts multiple brain atlases to identify brain regions and thereby builds different brain functional connectivity of different views. Secondly, it uses a multiview feature selection strategy to select out the most discriminative features of each view with the assistance of other views. Then, it trains a stacked autoencoder to extract deep features of the brain functional connectivity of each view. At last, it utilizes a multiview fusion strategy to take full advantage of complementary information of different views for brain functional connectivity classification. The proposed method has been compared with several deep learning-based brain functional connectivity classification methods on three public datasets of neuropsychiatric disorders. The experimental results have validated the superior performance of the proposed method.

Ji Yu, Yang Cuicui, Liang Yuze