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In Applied optics

Learning three-dimensional (3D) shape representation of an object from a single-shot image has been a prevailing topic in computer vision and deep learning over the past few years. Despite extensive adoption in dynamic applications, the measurement accuracy of the 3D shape acquisition from a single-shot image is still unsatisfactory due to a wide range of challenges. We present an accurate 3D shape acquisition method from a single-shot two-dimensional (2D) image using the integration of a structured-light technique and a deep learning approach. Instead of a direct 2D-to-3D transformation, a pattern-to-pattern network is trained to convert a single-color structured-light image to multiple dual-frequency phase-shifted fringe patterns for succeeding 3D shape reconstructions. Fringe projection profilometry, a prominent structured-light technique, is employed to produce high-quality ground-truth labels for training the network and to accomplish the 3D shape reconstruction after predicting the fringe patterns. A series of experiments has been conducted to demonstrate the practicality and potential of the proposed technique for scientific research and industrial applications.

Nguyen Andrew-Hieu, Ly Khanh L, Qiong Li Charlotte, Wang Zhaoyang