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In Nucleic acids research ; h5-index 217.0

The efficacy and safety of drugs are widely known to be determined by their interactions with multiple molecules of pharmacological importance, and it is therefore essential to systematically depict the molecular atlas and pharma-information of studied drugs. However, our understanding of such information is neither comprehensive nor precise, which necessitates the construction of a new database providing a network containing a large number of drugs and their interacting molecules. Here, a new database describing the molecular atlas and pharma-information of drugs (DrugMAP) was therefore constructed. It provides a comprehensive list of interacting molecules for >30 000 drugs/drug candidates, gives the differential expression patterns for >5000 interacting molecules among different disease sites, ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion)-relevant organs and physiological tissues, and weaves a comprehensive and precise network containing >200 000 interactions among drugs and molecules. With the great efforts made to clarify the complex mechanism underlying drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and rapidly emerging interests in artificial intelligence (AI)-based network analyses, DrugMAP is expected to become an indispensable supplement to existing databases to facilitate drug discovery. It is now fully and freely accessible at:

Li Fengcheng, Yin Jiayi, Lu Mingkun, Mou Minjie, Li Zhaorong, Zeng Zhenyu, Tan Ying, Wang Shanshan, Chu Xinyi, Dai Haibin, Hou Tingjun, Zeng Su, Chen Yuzong, Zhu Feng