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In Optics express

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are emerging as a promising tool for accelerating matrix multiplications in deep learning. Previous PIC architectures, primarily focusing on the matrix-vector multiplication (MVM), have large hardware errors that increase with the device scale. In this work, we propose a novel PIC architecture for MVM, which features an intrinsically small hardware error that does not increase with the device scale. Moreover, we further develop this concept and propose a PIC architecture for the general matrix-matrix multiplication (GEMM), which allows the GEMM to be directly performed on a photonic chip with a high energy efficiency unattainable by parallel or sequential MVMs. This work provides a promising approach to realize a high fidelity and high energy efficiency optical computing platform.

Tang Rui, Okano Makoto, Toprasertpong Kasidit, Takagi Shinichi, Englund Dirk, Takenaka Mitsuru