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In Optics express

In this paper, a locally controllable two-dimensional (2D)/ three-dimensional (3D) mixed display system and corresponding image generation method are proposed. The proposed system is mainly composed of a collimating backlight module (CBM) and a light control module (LCM). The CBM provides collimating polarized light. The LCM modulates a part of the collimating polarized light to form point light sources for 3D display and the other part to form scattered light sources for 2D display. The 2D and 3D display states can be locally controlled by using a pixelated mask loaded on a polarization switching layer. In addition, a corresponding image generation method is proposed. According to observer's demand, the parallax image is divided into target image area and residual image area by using deep learning matting algorithm, and a 2D/3D mixed light field image with full parallax 3D target image and high-resolution 2D residual image is generated. We developed a prototype based on the proposed locally controllable 2D/3D mixed display structure and generated two sets of 2D/3D mixed light field image with different target objects and residual objects from the same parallax images. The experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of our proposed system and the corresponding image generation method. High-resolution 2D image and full parallax 3D image were displayed and locally switched in the experimental system.

Li Qiang, Deng Huan, Yang Cuini, He Wei, Zhong Feiyan