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In Database : the journal of biological databases and curation

The automatic assignment of species information to the corresponding genes in a research article is a critically important step in the gene normalization task, whereby a gene mention is normalized and linked to a database record or an identifier by a text-mining algorithm. Existing methods typically rely on heuristic rules based on gene and species co-occurrence in the article, but their accuracy is suboptimal. We therefore developed a high-performance method, using a novel deep learning-based framework, to identify whether there is a relation between a gene and a species. Instead of the traditional binary classification framework in which all possible pairs of genes and species in the same article are evaluated, we treat the problem as a sequence labeling task such that only a fraction of the pairs needs to be considered. Our benchmarking results show that our approach obtains significantly higher performance compared to that of the rule-based baseline method for the species assignment task (from 65.8-81.3% in accuracy). The source code and data for species assignment are freely available. Database URL

Luo Ling, Wei Chih-Hsuan, Lai Po-Ting, Chen Qingyu, Islamaj Rezarta, Lu Zhiyong