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In Medicine

With the advent of the "Internet +" era, technologies like big data and artificial intelligence are emerging, and teaching models are constantly being innovated. Blended teaching mode combines the advantages of online teaching and traditional classroom. However, during the process of specific teaching practice, there are many problems such as insufficient use of intelligent platform, insufficient dominant position of students, difficult to maintain a high learning motivation for a long time, and a mere formality of blended teaching. Therefore, this study first uses the Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction motivational model to explore its application in Bioinformatics course blended teaching. The classroom teaching mode was reconstructed from 3 aspects: pre-class guidance, in-class research, and after-class promotion. This model provides new ideas and directions for teaching innovation and curriculum reform in the colleges.

Yang Yinfeng, Ouyang Ting, Zhang Lei, Wang Jinghui