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In Optics express

Imaging through scattering medium based on deep learning has been extensively studied. However, existing methods mainly utilize paired data-prior and lack physical-process fusion, and it is difficult to reconstruct hidden targets without the trained networks. This paper proposes an unsupervised neural network that integrates the universal physical process. The reconstruction process of the network is irrelevant to the system and only requires one frame speckle pattern and unpaired targets. The proposed network enables online optimization by using physical process instead of fitting data. Thus, large-scale paired data no longer need to be obtained to train the network in advance, and the proposed method does not need prior information. The optimization of the network is a physical-based process rather than a data mapping process, and the proposed method also increases the insufficient generalization ability of the learning-based method in scattering medium and targets. The universal applicability of the proposed method to different optical systems increases the likelihood that the method will be used in practice.

Shi Yingjie, Guo Enlai, Bai Lianfa, Han Jing