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In Psychological reports

The purpose of this study was to explore variables related to school belonging from a holistic perspective, including a large number of variables in one model, different to the traditional analytical method. Using 2015 data from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), we sought to identify variables related to school belonging by searching for hundreds of predictors in one model using the group Mnet machine learning technique. The study repeated 100 rounds of model building after random data splitting. After exploring 504 variables (384 student and 99 parent), 32 variables were finally selected after selection counts. Variables predicting a sense of school belonging were categorized as individual/parent variables (e.g. motivation to achieve, tendency to cooperative learning, parental support) and school-related variables (e.g. school satisfaction, peer/teacher relationship, learning/physical activities). The significance and implications of the study as well as future research topics were discussed.

Lim Hyo Jin, Yoo Jin Eun, Rho Minjeong, Ryu Jae Jun


School belonging, group Mnet, machine learning, penalized regression, program for international student assessment