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In Artificial intelligence review

In today's complex and ever-changing world, Supply Chain Management (SCM) is increasingly becoming a cornerstone to any company to reckon with in this global era for all industries. The rapidly growing interest in the application of Deep Learning (a class of machine learning algorithms) in SCM, has urged the need for an up-to-date systematic review on the research development. The main purpose of this study is to provide a comprehensive vision by reviewing a set of 43 papers about applications of Deep Learning (DL) methods to the SCM, as well as the trends, perspectives, and potential research gaps. This review uses content analysis to answer three research questions namely: 1- What SCM problems have been solved by the use of DL techniques? 2- What DL algorithms have been used to solve these problems? 3- What alternative algorithms have been used to tackle the same problems? And do DL outperform these methods and through which evaluation metrics? This review also responds to this call by developing a conceptual framework in a value-adding perspective that provides a full picture of areas on where and how DL can be applied within the SCM context. This makes it easier to identify potential applications to corporations, in addition to potential future research areas to science. It might also provide businesses a competitive advantage over their competitors by allowing them to add value to their data by analyzing it quickly and precisely.

Hosseinnia Shavaki Fahimeh, Ebrahimi Ghahnavieh Ali


Deep learning, Deep neural network, Machine learning, Supply chain management, Systematic literature review