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In Frontiers in psychology ; h5-index 92.0

This study aimed to develop cross-domain deep learning courses of artificial intelligence in vocational senior high schools and explore its impact on students' learning effects. It initially adopted a literature review to develop a cross-domain SPOC-AIoT Course with SPOC (small private online courses) and the Double Diamond 4D model in vocational senior high schools. Afterward, it adopted participatory action research (PAR) and a questionnaire survey and conducted analyses on the various aspects of the technology acceptance model by SmartPLS. Further, this study explored the impact on the effects of deep learning and knowledge-ability learning of artificial intelligence after 16 weeks of course teaching among 36 Grade I students from the electrical and electronic group of a vocational senior high school. This study revealed that (1) the four stages of the SPOC-AIoT Teaching Mode of the Double Diamond 4D model may effectively guide students to learn AIoT knowledge and skills. (2) Based on the technology acceptance model, the analysis of learning and participation in SmartPLS indicated that this model conformed to the academic fitness requirements of the overall model. (3) After learning with the SPOC-AIoT Teaching Mode, the learning effects of students in AIoT have been significantly improved to a positive aspect. Finally, some suggestions were put forward to promote the development of the SPOC-AIoT Teaching Mode Course in the future.

Tsai Chih-Cheng, Chung Chih-Chao, Cheng Yuh-Ming, Lou Shi-Jer


artificial intelligence, deep learning, education reforms, small private online courses, vocational senior high school