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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

Diabetes problems can lead to a condition called diabetic retinopathy (DR), which permanently damages the blood vessels in the retina. If not treated, DR is a significant cause of blindness. The only DR treatments currently accessible are those that block or delay vision loss, which emphasizes the value of routine scanning with high-efficiency computer-based technologies to identify patients early. The major goal of this study is to employ a deep learning neural network to identify diabetic retinopathy in the retina's blood vessels. The NN classifier is put to the test using the input fundus image and DR database. It effectively contrasts retinal images and distinguishes between classes when there is a legitimate edge. For the resolution of the problems in the photographs, it is particularly useful. Here, it will be tested to see if the classification of diabetic retinopathy is normal or abnormal. Modifying the existing study's conclusion strategy, existing diabetic retinopathy techniques have sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy levels that are much lower than what is required for this research.

Kshirsagar Pravin R, Manoharan Hariprasath, Meshram Pratiksha, Alqahtani Jarallah, Naveed Quadri Noorulhasan, Islam Saiful, Abebe Tewodros Getinet