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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

With the gradual development of the Internet industry, every aspect of people's life has been affected by the Internet, playing increasingly irreplaceable functions in people's entertainment, office, and other aspects. Judging from the current development situation, the old Internet digital teaching system has many problems, such as low artificial intelligence, weak information processing ability, and lack of effective learning ability. This paper designs the flute music remote teaching system, which can realize remote music teaching and provide help in providing real-time music teaching. The music learning system includes the user's access records, the user's operation and the completion of the test data, the discussion and communication of online participation, the user's interests, specialties and operation methods, learning progress and scoring, and so on. In addition, it explores and explains all the key steps required by the current distance education model and invents a sample of the distance education model. On this basis, Internet algorithm programs will be used for all key processing functions of the system. The use of Internet algorithm programs is interactive and automated, which greatly enhances the role of the education system. This article first discusses the unique teaching and automated teaching mode of the system, which lays the cornerstone for further reforms in this field in the future.

Jing Zhao