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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

At present, with the gradual development of science and technology, people's life has also produced a lot of changes, the traditional communication technology has been gradually changed by the new computer technology, people's life has become more intelligent. However, many current artificial intelligence technologies rely on the promotion of network data. In the mobile terminal, especially in the poor state of some data network environment, many users' intelligence needs cannot be met. From the perspective of user interaction experience, this paper analyzes and investigates the interactive standby link in detail and systematically based on the perspective of context awareness and carries out a battle summary with the scientific, systematic, reasonable, and executable design methods suitable for an interactive standby state and puts forward the recommended items of matrix decomposition. The static information is embedded in the model. The status of information is imported as a dimension different from the previous matrix factorization model, and the accumulation of interaction between user's status conditions and project factors is considered, as well as the sensitivity difference between user and information project status. In order to obtain the global situation of user balance, the project prediction deviation caused by the vector and sensitivity to various conditions is needed. Finally, the training model gets the final prediction score value and puts forward the mobile system user interaction experience art design strategy based on context awareness, which provides a certain idea to meet the needs of mobile system users.

Wang Lie, Luo Jie, Luo Guanlin