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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

The implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization is a major ministerial work made by the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and is the general grasp of contemporary agriculture, peasants, and rural work. In recent years, with the rapid development of remote sensing technology and deep learning technology, the demand for the technology for the classification of crops on satellite remote sensing images based on deep learning technology has increased in agricultural insurance and land survey. Therefore, this paper trains one, which is 85.9%-92.8%, the accuracy of corn classification is 77%-93%, and the accuracy of forest classification is 77%-87.6%. Subsequently, the overall accuracy of classifying all directories through the multi-temporal validation data set between May 2017 and October 2017 reached 92.6%. Such a multi-time combination method can be used for monthly, timely, and efficient iteration of agricultural insurance and crop yield estimation, which will be more accurate each time. These methods can also be further applied to the growth and change monitoring of large agricultural planting areas, adding bricks and tiles to China's agricultural remote sensing. If the countryside is to be revitalized, agriculture must develop rapidly at the same time, industries must flourish, ecology must be livable, rural customs must be civilized, and life must be prosperous. Modern agriculture is a comprehensive circulation system with high yield, high quality, low consumption, ecology, environmental protection, and high efficiency. The development of modern agriculture is inseparable from the industrialization of agriculture, the globalization of agriculture, the digitization of agriculture, the integration of agriculture, the adjustment of agricultural structure, and agricultural innovation. Only the continuous development of modern agriculture can make rural revitalization enter a new journey.

Ju Xiaoxian