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In Computers in biology and medicine

Coronary heart disease is the most common heart disease, it can induce myocardial infarction, and the cause of the disease has a lot to do with life and eating habits. The results of a large number of epidemiological studies at home and abroad show that the incidence of coronary heart disease has an obvious familial tendency. However, little is known about the genetic factors of coronary heart disease. Although genome-wide association analysis and gene knockout experiments have found some genes related to coronary heart disease, there are still a large number of genes potentially related to coronary heart disease that have not been discovered. If it is confirmed by biological experimental means, the time and money cost is too high. Therefore, it is urgent to identify genes related to coronary heart disease on a large scale by computational means, so as to conduct targeted biological experimental verification. This paper proposes a deep learning method based on biological networks for the identification of coronary heart disease-related genes. We constructed gene interaction networks and extracted gene expression levels in different tissues as features. Through the association information and expression characteristics between genes, we constructed a model of coronary heart disease-related genes. Through cross-validation, we found that our proposed GCN-GENE that has AUC as 0.75 and AUPR as 0.78, which is more accurate than other methods and is a reliable method for predicting coronary heart disease-related genes.

Zhang Tong, Lin Yixuan, He Weimin, Yuan FengXin, Zeng Yu, Zhang Shihua


Coronary heart disease, Gene expression, Gene network, Graph convolution network