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In Frontiers in medicine

The pursuit of potential inhibitors for novel targets has become a very important problem especially over the last 2 years with the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This entails performing high throughput screening exercises on drug libraries to identify potential "hits". These hits are identified using analysis of their physical properties like binding affinity to the target receptor, octanol-water partition coefficient (LogP) and more. However, drug libraries can be extremely large and it is infeasible to calculate and analyze the physical properties for each of those molecules within acceptable time and moreover, each molecule must possess a multitude of properties apart from just the binding affinity. To address this problem, in this study, we propose an extension to the Machine learning framework for Enhanced MolEcular Screening (MEMES) framework for multi-objective Bayesian optimization. This approach is capable of identifying over 90% of the most desirable molecules with respect to all required properties while explicitly calculating the values of each of those properties on only 6% of the entire drug library. This framework would provide an immense boost in identifying potential hits that possess all properties required for a drug molecules.

Mehta Sarvesh, Goel Manan, Priyakumar U Deva


Bayesian optimization, High throughout screening, chemical space exploration, drug discovery, machine learning, virtual screening