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ArXiv Preprint

Inferring 3D human pose from 2D images is a challenging and long-standing problem in the field of computer vision with many applications including motion capture, virtual reality, surveillance or gait analysis for sports and medicine. We present preliminary results for a method to estimate 3D pose from 2D video containing a single person and a static background without the need for any manual landmark annotations. We achieve this by formulating a simple yet effective self-supervision task: our model is required to reconstruct a random frame of a video given a frame from another timepoint and a rendered image of a transformed human shape template. Crucially for optimisation, our ray casting based rendering pipeline is fully differentiable, enabling end to end training solely based on the reconstruction task.

Luca Schmidtke, Benjamin Hou, Athanasios Vlontzos, Bernhard Kainz