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In Journal of minimal access surgery

Robotic surgery has changed the landscape of surgery and ushered in a new era of technology-assisted minimally invasive surgery. There is a paradigm shift from traditional open surgeries to minimal access surgery, with robotic surgery being the new standard of care in some surgical fields. This change comes with an unprecedented influx of innovations in technology related to minimal access surgery, robotics and artificial intelligence. Despite the exponential advances in technology, there is a lacuna in the training and credentialling of robotic surgeons. In India, no dedicated training curriculum exists for trainees in robotic surgery. Thus, as robotic surgery continues to develop in India, it is imperative that robust training and credentialing systems are in place to ensure that patient safety and surgical outcomes are not compromised.

Gupta Amit, Chennatt Jaine John, Singla Tanuj, Rajput Deepak, Bindal Vivek

Curriculum, India, robotic surgery, skills, training