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In Journal of environmental and public health

Leadership psychology among college students is a multidimensional concept that primarily encompasses practical ability, teamwork ability, political literacy, emotional intelligence, etc. At present, a common problem among the surveyed college students is their leadership ability is not strong. Reasons include the lack of leadership-related knowledge and leadership awareness among college students as well as the fact that the public, particularly college educators, do not give leadership training a sufficient attention. Leadership psychology is a primary factor influencing the development of college students. It is necessary to strengthen college students' leadership education. This work extracts the key factors that influence the leadership of college students by analyzing their big behavior data. The extracted factors include the theoretical knowledge of leadership, practical ability, leadership psychology, home education, and exercise. To evaluate the degrees of these factors influencing the students' leadership, we develop an advanced multicriteria decision-making framework based on the ENtropy theory and the Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS), called EN-TOPSIS. In EN-TOPSIS, an entropy method is used to determine the criteria weights rather than using the subjective weighting method. Three groups of college students are surveyed and evaluated based on the five factors. Each group contains ten students. The evaluation results show that the leadership of the students is mainly influenced by their practical ability and leadership psychology. The students with the highest evaluation score are recognized as having high levels of leadership.

Zhang Xi