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In Journal of environmental and public health

The digitization of thought theory is not yet sufficient to meet the needs of the students. It is very necessary to strengthen the construction of ideological and political (IP) courses, strengthen the education of mainstream ideology, and occupy the initiative of discourse. There are effective ways and means to study the deep integration of information technologies into the new age of philosophy and philosophy education of students, which can greatly improve the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of humanities courses. The intuitive development of intellectual and political education through artificial intelligence is both a real prerequisite for modern development and technological innovation and for new ideas confronting the specific problems of thought-politics education, and it is a necessary prerequisite to ensure the quality and efficiency to improve the teaching of thought politics. AI in ways that embed technology provides a powerful impetus for contradictory movements in thought-politics discourse that lead the effective coordination of its internal elements to high-quality developments. In a practical way, we should take full advantage of the technical advantages of artificial intelligence, through intelligent mehrfachanalyse corresponding algorithms, artificial intelligenzbilder, and artificial roboterbilder photos and profiles that are used to write and accurately provide more precise, leading, stacking, and accurate estimates to maximize and to improve the accuracy of thought and policy education. Philosophy and political theory are the keys to guiding people to accomplish basic human tasks. With the passage of time and with continuous innovation, ideology and philosophical principles are both prerequisites for the self-development of the emotions of the age and necessary for improving the outcomes and effectiveness of scientific education. Advances in the field of artificial intelligence have fundamentally changed human life and have also impacted traditional school and university education systems. This brings new opportunities and challenges to students. This includes the use of smart technology to improve the learning process. Ideological teachers and policymakers must keep up with the all-round trend of the times, make full use of the benefits brought by intelligent new technologies and platforms, effectively improve the effect of ideological education, and further increase the attractiveness, attraction, persuasion, and contagion of ideological education.

Zhou Yang