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In Nano letters ; h5-index 188.0

Graphene oxide (GO) films with natural "quantum-confined-superfluidics" (QSF) channels for moisture actuation have emerged as a smart material for actuators and soft robots. However, programming the deformation of GO by engineering QSF nanochannels around 1 nm is extremely challenging. Herein, we report the reconfigurable, reversible, and redefinable deformation of GO under moisture actuation by tailoring QSF channels via moisture-assisted strain-induced wrinkling (MSW). The shape fixity ratio of a general GO film can reach ∼84% after the MSW process, and the shape recovery ratio is ∼83% at room temperature under moisture actuation. The flexible shaping and deformation abilites, as well as the self-healing property of GO make it possible to fabricate soft robots using GO. Besides, as a proof-of-concept, passive electronics and soft robots capable of crawling, turning, switching circuit, and automatic somersault are demonstrated. With unique shaping and deformation abilities, GO may bring great implications for future soft robotics.

Ma Jia-Nan, Zhang Yong-Lai, Han Dong-Dong, Sun Hong-Bo


definable deformation, flexible shaping, graphene oxide, moisture responsive actuator, soft robot