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In Journal of environmental and public health

In recent years, college students' psychological problems have occurred frequently, and the early warning of college students' psychological crisis has received social attention. Artificial intelligence and big data, as emerging technologies that have attracted much attention in recent years, have broad application and development space in improving the development of intelligent and refined education in colleges and universities. Applying artificial intelligence and big data to the practice of college students' mental health education plays a very positive role in accurately finding and scientifically solving college students' mental health problems. This paper combs the current application and research of artificial intelligence and big data in college students' mental health education and then clarifies the problems existing in the practical application. Finally, on the basis of in-depth analysis of the characteristics of college students' psychological crisis, the paper designs college students' psychological crisis early warning data collection system from six aspects, including the educational administration system and the access control system. And from the aspects of establishing a multilevel linkage feedback early warning system, building a team of big data technical personnel and mental health education personnel, it puts forward countermeasures for college students' psychological crisis, so as to provide theoretical and methodological support for college mental health management.

Li Xiaoyu