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In Frontiers in public health

The application of artificial intelligence has realized the transformation of people's production and lifestyle, and also promoted the progress of physical education and comprehensive health quality. The application of artificial intelligence in the current physical education movement is increasing. By utilizing its advanced method of virtual simulation technology, the purpose of this paper is to realize the interventional research on the physical education movement and comprehensive health quality in the environment of artificial intelligence. This paper proposes to use the virtual simulation technology and Kinect algorithm in artificial intelligence to design the virtual sports simulation teaching mode. The functional module design part where the Kinect algorithm helps the teaching of virtual sports simulation experiments, which is helpful to analyze and solve the objective system imbalance and ecological imbalance in online physical education teaching. By using the principles and rules of the Mean Shift image segmentation algorithm for reference, the investigation and research on the comprehensive health quality of students are carried out, so as to realize the ecologicalization of the virtual sports school. In the investigation and research on the comprehensive quality of students, the results show that the overall quality of these students who has reached the level of qualified or unqualified is accounting for about 30% of the total number. It is worth noting that in terms of scientific and cultural quality, only 43.34% of all students have excellent grades. It can be seen that the important training goal of current school research is how to use reasonable and effective methods and strategies to improve students' scientific and cultural level, and improve students' other comprehensive scores at the same time.

Zhang Bo, Jin Hao, Duan Xiaojing


artificial intelligence, comprehensive health quality, experimental teaching, physical education, virtual simulation technology