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In Frontiers in genetics ; h5-index 62.0

Motivation: Brucella, the causative agent of brucellosis, is a global zoonotic pathogen that threatens both veterinary and human health. The main sources of brucellosis are farm animals. Importantly, the bacteria can be used for biological warfare purposes, requiring source tracking and routine surveillance in an integrated manner. Additionally, brucellosis is classified among group B infectious diseases in China and has been reported in 31 Chinese provinces to varying degrees in urban areas. From a national biosecurity perspective, research on brucellosis surveillance has garnered considerable attention and requires an integrated platform to provide researchers with easy access to genomic analysis and provide policymakers with an improved understanding of both reported patients and detected cases for the purpose of precision public health interventions. Results: For the first time in China, we have developed a comprehensive information platform for Brucella based on dynamic visualization of the incidence (reported patients) and prevalence (detected cases) of brucellosis in mainland China. Especially, our study establishes a knowledge graph for the literature sources of Brucella data so that it can be expanded, queried, and analyzed. When similar "epidemiological comprehensive platforms" are established in the distant future, we can use knowledge graph to share its information. Additionally, we propose a software package for genomic sequence analysis. This platform provides a specialized, dynamic, and visual point-and-click interface for studying brucellosis in mainland China and improving the exploration of Brucella in the fields of bioinformatics and disease prevention for both human and veterinary medicine.

Ma Fubo, Xiao Ming, Zhu Lin, Jiang Wen, Jiang Jizhe, Zhang Peng-Fei, Li Kang, Yue Min, Zhang Le


Brucella, databases, epidemiology, genomic analysis, visualization