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In Informatics in medicine unlocked

The task of this work is to present the solutions of the mathematical robot system (MRS) to examine the positive coronavirus cases through the artificial intelligence (AI) based Morlet wavelet neural network (MWNN). The MRS is divided into two classes, infected I ( θ ) and Robots R ( θ ) . The design of the fitness function is presented by using the differential MRS and then optimized by the hybrid of the global swarming computational particle swarm optimization (PSO) and local active set procedure (ASP). For the exactness of the AI based MWNN-PSOIPS, the comparison of the results is presented by using the proposed and reference solutions. The reliability of the MWNN-PSOASP is authenticated by extending the data into 20 trials to check the performance of the scheme by using the statistical operators with 10 hidden numbers of neurons to solve the MRS.

Singkibud Peerapongpat, Sabir Zulqurnain, Fathurrochman Irwan, Alhazmi Sharifah E, Ali Mohamed R


Active set procedure, Artificial intelligence, Mathematical robot system, Morlet wavelet, Numerical solutions, Particle swarm optimization