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In Frontiers in computational neuroscience

Text categorization is an effective activity that can be accomplished using a variety of classification algorithms. In machine learning, the classifier is built by learning the features of categories from a set of preset training data. Similarly, deep learning offers enormous benefits for text classification since they execute highly accurately with lower-level engineering and processing. This paper employs machine and deep learning techniques to classify textual data. Textual data contains much useless information that must be pre-processed. We clean the data, impute missing values, and eliminate the repeated columns. Next, we employ machine learning algorithms: logistic regression, random forest, K-nearest neighbors (KNN), and deep learning algorithms: long short-term memory (LSTM), artificial neural network (ANN), and gated recurrent unit (GRU) for classification. Results reveal that LSTM achieves 92% accuracy outperforming all other model and baseline studies.

Alqahtani Abdullah, Ullah Khan Habib, Alsubai Shtwai, Sha Mohemmed, Almadhor Ahmad, Iqbal Tayyab, Abbas Sidra


deep learning, machine learning, text categorization, text classification, text data