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The classification of medical images is significant among researchers and physicians for the early identification and clinical treatment of many disorders. Though, traditional classifiers require more time and effort for feature extraction and reduction from images. To overcome this problem, there is a need for a new deep learning method known as Convolution Neural Network (CNN), which shows the high performance and self-learning capabilities. In this paper,to classify whether a chest X-ray (CXR) image shows pneumonia (Normal) or COVID-19 illness, a test-bed analysis has been carried out between pre-trained CNN models like Visual Geometry Group (VGG-16), VGG-19, Inception version 3 (INV3), Caps Net, DenseNet121, Residual Neural Network with 50 deep layers (ResNet50), Mobile-Net and proposed CNN classifier. It has been observed that, in terms of accuracy, the proposed CNN model appears to be potentially superior to others. Additionally, in order to increase the performance of the CNN classifier, a nature-inspired optimization method known as Hill-Climbing Algorithm based CNN (CNN-HCA) model has been proposed to enhance the CNN model's parameters. The proposed CNN-HCA model performance is tested using a simulation study and contrasted to existing hybridized classifiers like as Particle Swarm Optimization (CNN-PSO) and CNN-Jaya. The proposed CNN-HCA model is compared with peer reviewed works in the same domain. The CXR dataset, which is freely available on the Kaggle repository, was used for all experimental validations. In terms of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (ROC), Area Under the ROC Curve (AUC), sensitivity, specificity, F-score, and accuracy, the simulation findings show that the CNN-HCA is possibly superior than existing hybrid approaches. Each method employs a k-fold stratified cross-validation strategy to reduce over-fitting.

Pradhan Ashwini Kumar, Mishra Debahuti, Das Kaberi, Obaidat Mohammad S, Kumar Manoj


COVID 19, Hill climbing algorithms, Image classification, Tailored convolutional neural network, X-Ray images