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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

With the development of Internet technology and the arrival of the knowledge-driven era, the breadth and depth of educational informatization are increasing day by day. Educational technology is not only a subject but also a career adapted to education and teaching. The growth speed of modern educational technology and the size of its benefits determine its management level to a large extent. With new technologies, new ideas, and new social needs, it is difficult for new ideas, new thoughts, and new methods to make the traditional e-learning management to accommodate the demands of the new era. At present, the work efficiency of modern educational technology visualization systems is generally not high, and modern distance teaching has an increasing demand for management informatization. However, there is a lack of a management platform for distance education that adapts to organizational characteristics such as openness, dynamics, flexibility, individualization, and decentralization. Therefore, this study introduces machine learning and BP neural network, establishes a visual modern distance teaching management system model, and uses machine learning algorithms to learn the visual process. The experimental results show that the system efficiency after learning is higher, and the time required for visualization of different groups in the experiment is 14.32 s, 13.18 s, 12.27 s, and 13.64 s, respectively, which effectively improves the efficiency of visualization and reduces the consumption of human resources.

Hong Xueqiong, Wang Lin