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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

With the development of digital media technology, its application in teaching and learning is becoming more widespread. Digital media technology helps present information in transmitting knowledge or skills, reduces cognitive load, and promotes understanding of knowledge. Evaluation of the effectiveness of digital media teaching has also become important. A scientific and reasonable evaluation of digital media teaching effectiveness can help teachers select digital media technology and grasp the amount, degree, and timing of digital media use to change teaching effectiveness. This paper proposed using a combination of big data and artificial intelligence methods to evaluate the effectiveness of digital media teaching methods using the RBF neural network model. The digital media teaching effectiveness evaluation was used as the input variable of RBF, the degree of digital media effectiveness was the output variable and the neural network was trained through the collected sample data. The research results showed that the RBF neural network model proposed in this paper has a strong generalization and extension ability in evaluating digital media teaching effectiveness, providing a new way to evaluate digital media teaching effectiveness.

Zhang RuiYao