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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

P2P lending is an important part of Internet finance, which is popular among users because of its efficiency, low cost, wide range, and ease of operation. The problem of predicting loan defaults is affected by many factors, such as the linear and nonlinear nature of the data itself and time dependence and multiple external factors, which have not been well captured in the previous work. In this paper, we propose a multiattention mechanism to capture the different effects of various time slices and various external factors on the results, introduce ARIMA and LSTM to capture the linear and nonlinear characteristics of the lending data respectively, and establish a Time Series Multiattention Prediction Model (MAT-ALSTM) based on LSTM and ARIMA. This paper uses the Lending Club dataset from the United States to prove that our model is superior to ANN, SVM, LSTM, GRU, and ARIMA models in the prediction effect of MAE, RMSE, and DA.

Zhang Zixuan, Jia Xiaojun, Chen Shan, Li Menggang, Wang Fang