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Within the framework of intelligent bridge detection, a number of crack detection methods based on image processing techniques have been implemented. In this study, a combined novel approach with deep learning of a single shot multibox detector (SSD) and the eight neighborhood algorithm is proposed and applied to bridge crack image identification to provide an automatic method for crack detection. First, a large number of concrete crack images collected from the site were segmented and preprocessed for the establishment of a crack image dataset. Deep learning of the SSD algorithm was introduced on the training set to establish the detection model, where the model parameters were adjusted by the validation set. Sliding window technology was integrated to identify the cracks in the test set. The effects of the sliding window size and dataset size on the crack detection results were discussed. Moreover, the eight neighborhood algorithm was adopted for further crack detection correction. The results show that the configuration achieves good crack detection by the deep learning of the SSD algorithm with high precision and recall. The introduction of the eight neighborhood correction algorithm further improves the detection results by eliminating some misjudged results. Finally, the developed algorithm was placed into a portable device, with which cracks were effectively identified. The introduced method shows significantly better performance in crack detection, and the system installed on the portable device provides a way to broaden its application in the automatic crack detection of concrete bridges.

Wan Chunfeng, Xiong Xiaobing, Wen Bo, Gao Shuai, Fang Da, Yang Caiqian, Xue Songtao

Crack detection, deep learning, eight neighborhood correction algorithm, single shot multibox detector, sliding window