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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

Due to advancements in scientific research and technological innovation, as well as the proliferation of the Internet of things, the Internet, and big data, the general public has gradually become aware of a new type of intelligent nursing system model known as the smart nursing system. The smart nursing system is a sensing system and information platform for the elderly in their homes, communities, and institutions for elderly care. Based on this, it provides timely, efficient, and cost-effective elderly care services in real time. These services utilize the Internet of things and the Internet as well. Through the monitoring of video data, we are able to differentiate the visual motions of these elderly individuals and determine whether they are in a normal life state or a fall state. This has the potential to better meet the diverse and multifaceted needs of senior citizens, enhance the quality of life of senior citizens in their final years, and provide senior citizens with greater humanistic care and spiritual solace. Our team has developed an intelligent nursing system based on the visual action recognition algorithm, also known as the deep learning (DL) algorithm. As a result of our simulation tests, we discovered that the algorithm can accurately identify the living situations of elderly individuals at home.

Zeng Yan, Liang Bo