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In View (Beijing, China)

The pandemic respiratory disease COVID-19 has spread over the globe within a small span of time. Generally, there are two important points are being highlighted and considered towards the successful diagnosis and treatment process. The first point includes the reduction of the rate of infections and the next one is the decrease of the death rate. The major threat to public health globally progresses due to the absence of effective medication and widely accepted immunization for the COVID-19. Whereas, understanding of host susceptibility, clinical features, adaptation of COVID-19 to new environments, asymptomatic infection is difficult and challenging. Therefore, a rapid and an exact determination of pathogenic viruses play an important role in deciding treatments and preventing pandemic to save the people's lives. It is urgent to fix a standardized diagnostic approach for detecting the COVID-19. Here, this systematic review describes all the current approaches using for screening and diagnosing the COVID-19 infectious patient. The renaissance in pathogen due to host adaptability and new region, facing creates several obstacles in diagnosis, drug, and vaccine development process. The study shows that adaptation of accurate and affordable diagnostic tools based on candidate biomarkers using sensor and digital medicine technology can deliver effective diagnosis services at the mass level. Better prospects of public health management rely on diagnosis with high specificity and cost-effective manner along with multidisciplinary research, specific policy, and technology adaptation. The proposed healthcare model with defined road map represents effective prognosis system.

Shukla Sudheesh K, Patra Santanu, Das Trupti R, Kumar Dharmesh, Mishra Anshuman, Tiwari Ashutosh


COVID science and technology, COVIDÔÇÉ19 diagnosis, artificial intelligence, corona virus, pandemic years, respiratory tract infection, serological test