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In Applied soft computing

Through the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole globe is in disarray and debating on unique approaches to stop this viral transmission. Masks are being worn by people all around the world as one of the preventative measures to avoid contracting this sickness. Although some people are following and adopting this precaution, others are not, despite official recommendations from the administration and public health organisations has been announced. In this paper DTLMV2 (Deep Transfer Learning MobileNetV2 for the objective of classification) is proposed - A face mask identification model that can reliably determine whether an individual is wearing a mask or not is suggested and implemented in this work. The model architecture employs the peruse of MobileNetV2, a lightweight Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) that requires less computing power and can be readily integrated into computer vision and mobile systems. The computer vision with MobileNet is required to formulate a low-cost mask detection system for a group of people in open spaces that can assist in determining whether a person is wearing a mask or not, as well as function as a surveillance system since it is effective on both real-time pictures and videos. The face recognition model obtained 97.01% accuracy on validation data, 98% accuracy on training data and 97.45% accuracy on testing data.

Gupta Meenu, Chaudhary Gopal, Bansal Dhruvi, Pandey Shashwat


CNN, Computer vision, Covid19, Deep learning, Mask classifier, MobileNetV2, Object detection