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In Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering : an international journal of engineering and technology

Since the end of the year 2019, the whole world is experiencing a global emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The major sectors including industry, economics, education have been affected. Ongoing pandemics confined us to avoid mass gathering and rigorously maintain social distancing to mitigate the spreading of this infectious disease. In this situation emerging technologies including the internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a very important role in various fields such as healthcare, economics, educational system, and others to monitoring or tackle the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. Several papers discussed the impact of IoT on the COVID-19 pandemic in various aspects. However, the challenges and designing issues towards the implementation of IoT-based monitoring systems are not deeply investigated. Alongside, the adaptation of IoT and other technologies in the post-covid situation is not addressed properly. Our review article provides an up to date extensive survey on how IoT-enabled technologies are helping to combat the pandemic and to manage industry, education, economic, and medical system. As result, the realization is that IoT and other associated technologies have a great impact on virus detection, tracking, and mitigate the spread. In the face of an expeditiously spreading pandemic, the associated designing issues of the IoT-based framework have been looked into as a part of this review. Alongside, this review highlights the major challenges like privacy, security scalability, etc. facing in using such technologies. Finally, we explore 'The New Normal' and the use of technologies to help in the post-pandemic era.

Mondal Sanjoy, Mitra Priyanjana


AI, COVID-19, Drone, IoMT, IoT, Pandemic