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In Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering : an international journal of engineering and technology

Intelligent Transport System should be renovated in many aspects in post-pandemic situation like COVID-19. The passenger-count inside a car will be restricted based on the vehicle capacity and the COVID-19 hot-spot zone. Traffic rules will be impacted to align with a similar contagious outbreak. The on-road 'Yellow-Vulture' cameras need to incorporate such surveillance rules to monitor related anomalies for preventing contamination. To maintain safe-distance, an automatic surveillance system will be preferred by the Government very soon. Moreover, facial mask usage during the journey has become an essential habit to stop the spread of the infection. In this article, we have proposed a deep-Learning based framework that employs an augmented image data set to provide proper surveillance in the transport system to maintain the health protocols. Fast and accurate detection of the number of passengers inside a car and their face masks from the traffic inspection camera feed has been demonstrated. We have exploited the advantages of the popular Transfer Learning approach with novel variations of images while performing the training. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to watch over in-vehicle social-distancing in post-pandemic circumstances through deep-Learning based image analysis. The superiority of the proposed framework has been established over several state-of-the-art techniques using different numerical metrics and visual comparisons along with a support of statistical hypothesis test. Our technique has achieved 98.5 % testing accuracy in various adverse conditions. Zero-shot evaluation has been explored for the Real-Time-Medical-Mask-Detection data set Wang et al. (Real-Time-Medical-Mask-Detection, 2020a, Accessed 14 Nov 2020), where we have attained 96.4 % accuracy that manifests the generalization of the network.

Kundu Srimanta, Maulik Ujjwal


COVID-19, Inception-V3, Mask detection, Passenger counting, Transfer learning, Vehicle surveillance