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In IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems

Recent advances in the area of artificial intelligence and deep learning have motivated researchers to apply this knowledge to solve multipurpose applications in the area of computer vision and image processing. Super-resolution (SR), in the past few years, has produced remarkable results using deep learning methods. The ability of deep learning methods to learn the nonlinear mapping from low-resolution (LR) images to their corresponding high-resolution (HR) images leads to compelling results for SR in diverse areas of research. In this article, we propose a deep learning-based image SR architecture in the Tchebichef transform domain. This is achieved by integrating a transform layer into the proposed architecture through a customized Tchebichef convolutional layer (TCL). The role of TCL is to convert the LR image from the spatial domain to the orthogonal transform domain using Tchebichef basis functions. The inversion of the transform mentioned earlier is achieved using another layer known as the inverse TCL (ITCL), which converts back the LR images from the transform domain to the spatial domain. It has been observed that using the Tchebichef transform domain for the task of SR takes the advantage of high and low-frequency representation of images that makes the task of SR simplified. Furthermore, a transfer learning-based approach is adopted to enhance the quality of images by considering Covid19 medical images as an additional experiment. It is shown that our architecture enhances the quality of X-ray and CT images of COVID-19, providing a better image quality that may help in clinical diagnosis. Experimental results obtained using the proposed Tchebichef transform domain SR (TTDSR) architecture provides competitive results when compared with most of the deep learning methods employed using a fewer number of trainable parameters.

Kumar Ahlad, Singh Harsh Vardhan, Khare Vijeta