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In Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie

Conventional drug discovery and development is tedious and time-taking process; because of which it has failed to keep the required pace to mitigate threats and cater demands of viral and re-occurring diseases, such as Covid-19. The main reasons of this delay in traditional drug development are: high attrition rates, extensive time requirements, and huge financial investment with significant risk. The effective solution to de novo drug discovery is drug repurposing. Previous studies have shown that the network-based approaches and analysis are versatile platform for repurposing as the network biology is used to model the interactions between variety of biological concepts. Herein, we provide a comprehensive background of machine learning and deep learning in drug repurposing while specifically focusing on the applications of network-based approach to drug repurposing in Covid-19, data sources, and tools used. Furthermore, use of network proximity, network diffusion, and AI on network-based drug repurposing for Covid-19 is well-explained. Finally, limitations of network-based approaches in general and specific to network are stated along with future recommendations for better network-based models.

Ahmed Faheem, Soomro Afaque Manzoor, Chethikkattuveli Salih Abdul Rahim, Samantasinghar Anupama, Asif Arun, Kang In Suk, Choi Kyung Hyun


AI on networks, Deep learning, Drug repurposing, Machine learning, Network analysis, Network diffusion, Network proximity