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In Database : the journal of biological databases and curation

During infection, the pathogen's entry into the host organism, breaching the host immune defense, spread and multiplication are frequently mediated by multiple interactions between the host and pathogen proteins. Systematic studying of host-pathogen interactions (HPIs) is a challenging task for both experimental and computational approaches and is critically dependent on the previously obtained knowledge about these interactions found in the biomedical literature. While several HPI databases exist that manually filter HPI protein-protein interactions from the generic databases and curated experimental interactomic studies, no comprehensive database on HPIs obtained from the biomedical literature is currently available. Here, we introduce a high-throughput literature-mining platform for extracting HPI data that includes the most comprehensive to date collection of HPIs obtained from the PubMed abstracts. Our HPI data portal, PHILM2Web (Pathogen-Host Interactions by Literature Mining on the Web), integrates an automatically generated database of interactions extracted by PHILM, our high-precision HPI literature-mining algorithm. Currently, the database contains 23 581 generic HPIs between 157 host and 403 pathogen organisms from 11 609 abstracts. The interactions were obtained from processing 608 972 PubMed abstracts, each containing mentions of at least one host and one pathogen organisms. In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, we also utilized PHILM to process 25 796 PubMed abstracts obtained by the same query as the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset. This COVID-19 processing batch resulted in 257 HPIs between 19 host and 31 pathogen organisms from 167 abstracts. The access to the entire HPI dataset is available via a searchable PHILM2Web interface; scientists can also download the entire database in bulk for offline processing. Database URL:

Le Tuan-Dung, Nguyen Phuong D, Korkin Dmitry, Thieu Thanh