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In Biosensors & bioelectronics

Currently, vaccination is the most effective medical measure to improve group immunity and prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19. Since the individual difference of vaccine effectiveness is inevitable, it is necessary to evaluate the vaccine effectiveness of every vaccinated person to ensure the appearance of herd immunity. Here, we developed an artificial intelligent (AI)-assisted colorimetric polydopamine nanoparticle (PDA)-based lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) platform for the sensitive and accurate quantification of neutralizing antibodies produced from vaccinations. The platform integrates PDA-based LFIA and a smartphone-based reader to test the neutralizing antibodies in serum, where an AI algorithm is also developed to accurately and quantitatively analyze the results. The developed platform achieved a quantitative detection with 160 ng/mL of detection limit and 625-10000 ng/mL of detection range. Moreover, it also successfully detected totally 50 clinical serum samples, revealing a great consistency with the commercial ELISA kit. Comparing with commercial gold nanoparticle-based LFIA, our PDA-based LFIA platform showed more accurate quantification ability for the clinical serum. Therefore, we envision that the AI-assisted PDA-based LFIA platform with sensitive and accurate quantification ability is of great significance for large-scale evaluation of vaccine effectiveness and other point-of-care immunoassays.

Tong Haoyang, Cao Chaoyu, You Minli, Han Shuang, Liu Zhe, Xiao Ying, He Wanghong, Liu Chang, Peng Ping, Xue Zhenrui, Gong Yan, Yao Chunyan, Xu Feng


Artificial intelligence, COVID-19, Lateral flow immunoassay, Neutralizing antibody, Polydopamine