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In Computers in biology and medicine

COVID-19 is currently raging worldwide, with more patients being diagnosed every day. It usually is diagnosed by examining pathological photographs of the patient's lungs. There is a lot of detailed and essential information on chest radiographs, but manual processing is not as efficient or accurate. As a result, how efficiently analyzing and processing chest radiography of COVID-19 patients is an important research direction to promote COVID-19 diagnosis. To improve the processing efficiency of COVID-19 chest films, a multilevel thresholding image segmentation (MTIS) method based on an enhanced multiverse optimizer (CCMVO) is proposed. CCMVO is improved from the original Multi-Verse Optimizer by introducing horizontal and vertical search mechanisms. It has a more assertive global search ability and can jump out of the local optimum in optimization. The CCMVO-based MTIS method can obtain higher quality segmentation results than HHO, SCA, and other forms and is less prone to stagnation during the segmentation process. To verify the performance of the proposed CCMVO algorithm, CCMVO is first compared with DE, MVO, and other algorithms by 30 benchmark functions; then, the proposed CCMVO is applied to image segmentation of COVID-19 chest radiography; finally, this paper verifies that the combination of MTIS and CCMVO is very successful with good segmentation results by using the Feature Similarity Index (FSIM), the Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), and the Structural Similarity Index (SSIM). Therefore, this research can provide an effective segmentation method for a medical organization to process COVID-19 chest radiography and then help doctors diagnose coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19).

Su Hang, Zhao Dong, Elmannai Hela, Heidari Ali Asghar, Bourouis Sami, Wu Zongda, Cai Zhennao, Gui Wenyong, Chen Mayun


COVID-19, Meta-heuristic, Multi-threshold image segmentation, Multi-verse optimization, Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Optimization