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In Soft computing

Reading and writing English have greater significance in learning oral English and comprehensive skills. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important in many aspects of our lives, including education, healthcare, business, and so on. AI has allowed for significant advancements in the educational system. It has quickly risen to the top of the list of the most rapidly expanding educational technology disciplines. Through its creation, AI has contributed to the creation of new educational and knowledge techniques that are currently being researched across a wide range of fields. Chatbots, Robots' Assistant, Vidreader, Seeing AI, Classcraft, 3D holograms, and other AI-based programmes were developed to assist both teaching staff and students in using and improving the educational system. In the sphere of education, AI is focusing on sentimentalized artificial learning aids and smart instruction systems. The primary goal and objective of the education business is to construct an intelligent education system, which is now possible thanks to the development of teaching assistant robots, smart classrooms based on AI, and English teaching assistance, among other things. Artificial Intelligence techniques may now be employed at all stages of learning to improve the educational system. During the COVID-19 illness, students and teachers took their education and instruction online in a variety of ways. Learning can be done digitally so that folks do not fall behind in their education. The proposed study has considered multi-criteria decision support systems (MCDM) for AI-enabled production and application of English multimode online reading. This study has offered the application of the super decision tool to facilitate the experimental work. As a result of this, researchers will be able to find and design new solutions to the subject.

Dong Yifan, Yu Xinyu, Alharbi Abdullah, Ahmad Sultan


AI, English language, Learning, Multimode, Online reading