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In International journal of imaging systems and technology

World's science and technologies have been challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each and every community across the globe are trying to find a real-time novel method for accurate treatment and cure of COVID-19 infected patients. The most important lead to take from this pandemic is to detect the infected patients as soon as possible and provide them an accurate treatment. At present, the worldwide methodology to detect COVID-19 is reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). This technique is costly and time taking. For this reason, the implementation of a novel method is required. This paper includes the use of deep learning analysis to develop a system for identifying COVID-19 patients. Proposed technique is based on convolution neural network (CNN) and deep neural network (DNN). This paper proposes two models, first is designing DNN on the basis of fractal feature of the images and second is designing CNN using lungs x-ray images. To find the infected area (tissues) of the lungs image using CNN architecture, segmentation process has been used. Developed CNN architecture gave results of classification with accuracy equal to 94.6% and sensitivity equal to 90.5% which is much better than the proposed DNN method, which gave accuracy 84.11% and sensitivity 84.7%. The outcome of the presented model shows 94.6% accuracy in detecting infected regions. Using this method the growth of the infected regions can be monitored and controlled. The designed model can also be used in post-COVID-19 analysis.

Kumar Arun, Mahapatra Rajendra Prasad


COVIDÔÇÉ19, classification, convolution neural network, deep neural network, segmentation