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In Soft computing

In this paper, the quantum technology is exploited to empower the OPTICS unsupervised learning algorithm, which is a density-based clustering algorithm with numerous applications in the real world. We design an algorithm called Quantum Ordering Points To Identify the Clustering Structure (QOPTICS) and demonstrate that its computational complexity outperforms that of its classical counterpart. On the other hand, we propose a Deep self-learning approach for modeling the improvement of two Swarm Intelligence Algorithms, namely Artificial Orca Algorithm (AOA) and Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO) in order to improve their effectiveness. The deep self-learning approach is based on two well-known dynamic mutation operators, namely Cauchy mutation operator and Gaussian mutation operator. And in order to improve the efficiency of these algorithms, they are hybridized with QOPTICS and executed on just one cluster it yields. This way, both effectiveness and efficiency are handled. To evaluate the proposed approaches, an intelligent application is developed to manage the dispatching of emergency vehicles in a large geographic region and in the context of Covid-19 crisis in order to avoid an important loss in human lives. A theoretical model is designed to describe the issue mathematically. Extensive experiments are then performed to validate the mathematical model and evaluate the performance of the proposed deep self-learning algorithms. Comparison with a state-of-the-art technique shows a significant positive impact of hybridizing Quantum Machine Learning (QML) with Deep Self Learning (DSL) on solving the Covid-19 EMS transportation.

Drias Habiba, Drias Yassine, Houacine Naila Aziza, Bendimerad Lydia Sonia, Zouache Djaafar, Khennak Ilyes


Deep self learning AOA, Deep self learning EHO, Emergency transportation, Quantum machine learning, Quantum ordering points to identify the clustering structure