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In Data in brief

Cerner Real-World Data TM (CRWD) is a de-identified big data source of multicenter electronic health records. Cerner Corporation secured appropriate data use agreements and permissions from more than 100 health systems in the United States contributing to the database as of March 2022. A subset of the database was extracted to include data from only patients with SARS-CoV-2 infections and is referred to as the Cerner COVID-19 Dataset. The December 2021 version of CRWD consists of 100 million patients and 1.5 billion encounters across all care settings. There are 2.3 billion, 2.9 billion, 486 million, and 11.5 billion records in the condition, medication, procedure, and lab (laboratory test) tables respectively. The 2021 Q3 COVID-19 Dataset consists of 130.1 million encounters from 3.8 million patients. The size and longitudinal nature of CRWD can be leveraged for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in medical research across all specialties and is a rich source of novel discoveries on a wide range of conditions including but not limited to COVID-19.

Ehwerhemuepha Louis, Carlson Kimberly, Moog Ryan, Bondurant Ben, Akridge Cheryl, Moreno Tatiana, Gasperino Gary, Feaster William


COVID-19, Cerner Real-World DataTM(CRWD), Cerner learning Health NetworkSM (LHN), Electronic Health Records (EHR), HealtheDataLabâ„¢, HealtheIntent, SARS-CoV-2