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In Health information science and systems

The use of chest X-ray images (CXI) to detect Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV-2) caused by Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) is life-saving important for both patients and doctors. This research proposes a multi-channel feature deep neural network (MFDNN) algorithm to screen people infected with COVID19. The algorithm integrates data over-sampling technology and MFDNN model to carry out the training. The oversampling technique reduces the deviation of the prior probability of the MFDNN algorithm on unbalanced data. Multi-channel feature fusion technology improves the efficiency of feature extraction and the accuracy of model diagnosis. In the experiment, Compared with traditional deep learning models (VGG19, GoogLeNet, Resnet50, Desnet201), the MFDNN model obtains an average test accuracy of 93.19% in all data. Furthermore, in each type of screening, the precision, recall, and F1 Score of the MFDNN model are also better than traditional deep learning networks. Furthermore, through ablation experiments, we proved that a multi-channel convolutional neural network (CNN) is superior to single-channel CNN, additional layer and PSN module, and indirectly proved the sufficiency and necessity of each step of the MFDNN classification method. Finally, our experimental code will be placed at

Pan Liangrui, Ji Boya, Wang Hetian, Wang Lian, Liu Mingting, Chongcheawchamnan Mitchai, Peng Shaolaing


COVID19, Chest X-ray, MFDNN, Multi-channel feature