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In Computational intelligence and neuroscience

With the development of information technology, online music education has become a mainstream education method. Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, music teachers have to teach through online. Therefore, an online music education system that can improve the quality of teaching is particularly important. Multiuser detection algorithms and artificial intelligence have important applications in many fields, and the field of music online education is no exception. This paper takes the music teaching of the music distance teaching unit as the goal and conducts sufficient research on the educational subjects such as teachers, students, and administrators. And with the help of the SCMA system multiuser detection algorithm and artificial intelligence technology, the system analysis and design method is used to analyze and design the music teaching function system. The system module involves basic information management, student music assignments, online courses, and other levels, providing an excellent educational system design example for music online education. The conclusion analysis shows that the music online education system based on SCMA system multiuser detection algorithm and artificial intelligence designed in this paper can significantly improve the audience's music learning efficiency and has obvious benefits to the student group.

Yan Hua